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GastroEase EQ™
Gastric Lining & Digestive Support
GastroEase EQ™ supports your horse's total digestive process by addressing gastric lining and digestive issues. With a proprietary blend of ingredients, GastroEase EQ™ works at the tissue level to support the GI tract from the inside out. GastroEase EQ™ addresses the effects of stress, minimizes acid levels, and allows the horse to gain maximum benefit from his nutritional intake.

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GastroEase EQ™ comes in four convenient sizes.

Meets competition requirements. See FEICleanSport, USEF or AQHA Guidelines to learn more.

The Problem

Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome is a serious condition in digestive management of the equine athlete. Studies suggest that 60-90 percent of horses in training suffer from low to high-grade ulcers, and many low grade ulcers go undiagnosed. Incomplete digestion of nutrients can result in inflammatory, degrading symptoms to the digestive tract that can create long-term damage, sometimes culminating in colic and diarrhea. Though often treated as separate problems by veterinarians, ulcers and incomplete digestion generally occur together.

A return to total gastric health often requires the resolution of both issues.

Veterinarians routinely treat gastric ulcers using expensive proton pump inhibiting drugs (PPIs) that reduce symptoms by limiting the stomach's acid production. This treatment is generally quite successful in bringing prompt relief from symptoms and permitting healing to begin.

Unfortunately, horsemen have chosen on their own to make acid control therapy part of their daily regimen. Going to ship your horse? Give him a proton pump inhibitor! Antibiotic therapy? Give him a proton pump inhibitor! Had an ulcer? Give him a proton pump inhibitor! Might get an ulcer? Give him a proton pump inhibitor! (popular PPIs are Gastrogard and Ulcergard)

But acid neutralizing drugs are designed to offer temporary relief from gastric discomfort and permit healing to start. In many cases, long term lowering of the stomach acid, can create ineffective nutrient and fiber digestions, which may inhibit stomach healing and lead to general gastrointestinal system upset.

Incomplete digestion and inefficient absorption of nutrients both have far reaching consequences, ranging from unthrifty appearance to hind-gut inflammation, colitis, impaction and gas colic.

Digestive Enhancement & Gastric Lining Support

Your horse's muscular-skeletal, nervous, and immune systems are directly impacted by his ability to consume and digest food.

The GI tract functions best when horses are constantly foraging, chewing and swallowing, creating a regular flow of ingesta matter in their digestive system. This ingesta mixes with stomach acid to begin the breakdown of cellulose, protein, carbohydrates, fats and starches into digestible form, which is then absorbed through the intestinal tract.

Confinement, along with periods of intense training, transport, medications, antibiotic therapy, persistent physical pain, and even a change in stabling or company can cause stress that degrades the stomach and gut. These factors can also contribute to the occurrence of hind gut acidosis, which further limits the efficiency of GI function.

Used alone, acid control therapy generally gives the horse relief from symptoms over a period of time, but the very elimination of the stomach's acidity also diminishes the efficiency of protein digestion needed to heal the stomach lining. Your horse may look better on the outside, but be far from healed on the inside.

The Solution

GastroEase EQ™ offers the first truly comprehensive gastro intestinal management for high-level performance horses. We know that treatment of digestive conditions with single function therapies do not always achieve a complete resolution of gastrointestinal issues. That's why we created GastroEase EQ™; unlike other therapies, GastroEase EQ™ treats the entire gastric tract as one system.

Fed once or twice a day, GastroEase EQ™ eases gastric discomfort, supports the health of gastric tissue, improves condition, soothes and supports the healing of hind-gut inflammation and supports maintenance of bacteria and enzyme levels to promote optimum performance and health.

GastroEase EQ™ supports the body's own efforts to provide constant protection and healing where causative factors are at work.

GastroEase EQ™ helps buffer excess stomach acid and provides comfort enhancement to the injured stomach lining.

To completely support hindgut digestion, an optimum spectrum of digestive enhancing yeast, enzymes, and amino acids are included in each daily feeding. GastroEase EQ™ adds high populations of healthy probiotic organisms to the stomach's own "friendly" bacteria to constantly rejuvenate the mucosa and prevent overgrowth by pathogens.

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GastroEase EQ™ provides a very aggressive level of prebiotics, which efficiently provide nutrition to beneficial stomach bacteria but are deadly to pathogens.

With one effective formula, all of your horse's gastrointestinal issues are addressed, and your horse can make maximum use of his nutrient intake while keeping his gastro intestinal tract in peak health.
That's what we call perfectly healthy.

Vets recommend GastroEase EQ™

Gastric Lining Support Ingredients:

Hydrolyzed collagen, sodium copper chlorophyllin, glycine, glutamine, threonine, DGL, gamma oryzanol, magnesium, calcium (from carbonate), methyl methionine sulfonium chloride, lecithin and quercitin.

Digestive Enhancement Ingredients:

Mannanoligosaccharides, fructooligosaccharides, oat beta glucan, active live yeast, lactobacillus acidophilus, enterococcus lactis, enterococcus faecium, pancrealipase and aspergillus niger.

For a complete summary of GastroEase EQ™ Ingredients, click here.

Directions for Use:

Load for minimum of 5 days with 1 scoop AM, 1 scoop PM. As condition improves, maintain with 1 scoop per day. One scoop equals .5 ounce.