Protect Your Horses: The Latest EHV-1 Outbreak
A new outbreak of EHV-1 has been reported in Minnesota and western Wisconsin, with 8 confirmed cases to date.* 3 horses have been euthanized and the cases seem to be spreading mainly among barrel horses. "EHV-1 is highly contagious among horses and can cause a variety of ailments, including rhinopneumonitis (a respiratory disease usually found in young horses), abortion in broodmares, and myeloencephalopathy (EHM, the neurologic form). Myeloencephalopathy is characterized by fever, ataxia (in... Read more
What Pros and Customers are saying about Perfect Products
I want you to know how obsessed I have become with Perfect Prep Training Day!! I took my mare off of it after we finished showing in the beginning of November. I didn't think she would need it since we were mostly just staying home. She was absolutely wild for all of November and the first half of December. We literally couldn't do a single lap around our indoor arena without spooking at something silly. The stall cleaners were even having problems with her in the stall. I finally realized that her attitude and energy had changed around the same time that I took her off of Training Day. Needless to say, I put her back on it and within just a few days my perfect mare was back! I am such a believer now and she will remain on Training Day!
- Rebecca Gross, Equine Essentials
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