• Follow These 3 Steps to Optimize Equine Digestion and Absorption

    The equine digestive system is a delicate set of processes that greatly impact the condition and attitude of your horse. When the equine gastric system is functioning properly, your horse will exhibit his optimum healthy weight, coat condition and attitude. Any disruption in the digestive processes can create health and performance issues. You may observe […]

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  • 3 Things to Consider Before You Buy: Lactalex vs. Lactanase

    Lactalex vs Lactanase for horses

    Top performance horses are athletes and require careful management to keep them on their game. Because muscle condition and quick recovery from exercise are paramount to the horse’s athletic performance, top competitors supplement their horses with pre-performance muscle recovery formulas such as Lactalex or Lactanase. Which do you use? Lactanase has long been an industry […]

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  • How to Feed Perfect Prep EQ Horse Calming Paste

    At Perfect Products, we want to ensure that every equine calming paste we offer produces results. We’ve chosen to offer Perfect Prep EQ formulas in 60cc and 80cc syringes, because we’ve found that specific amount of active ingredients produces the best calming effect. An ongoing concern we have heard is that Perfect Prep EQ paste […]

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  • Perfect Products Offers Special Award at USHJA International Hunter Derby Championship

    Horse Jumping at USHJA Hunter Derby

    The USHJA International Hunter Derby Championship returns to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky, August 17-19, 2017. As an incentive for new talent, Perfect Products will be presenting the “Perfect Products First Time Competitor High Score Award” to the highest scoring rider from the classic and handy rounds combined, competing for the first time […]

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  • Perfect Products Response to USEF Letter

    In response to the Letter from US Equestrian President Murray Kessler, Perfect Products wishes to clarify that our formulas do not contain the ingredient Magnesium Sulfate. When administered as an injectable, Magnesium Sulfate has the potential for serious side effects because of its profound effect on equine heart function. While the correct dose may create […]

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  • Combating Equine Stress with GastroEase EQ Rescue

    Anxious Horse Calling in Stable

    Equine stress and anxiety is a frustrating issue for horsemen to address. While there are many contributing factors, as discussed in our previous blog post, the gastrointestinal system is directly related to your horse’s anxiety levels. As the makers of Perfect Prep, we are often asked how to calm the overreactive, anxious horse during travel […]

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  • Understanding the Anxious Horse

    You’ve finally found the horse you’ve been searching for. His temperament and ability are well suited for your discipline, and you’re ready to begin the training and showing process. As you begin your journey together, you discover that despite his best efforts, your partner is not handling the increased stress well. He’s become unfocused and […]

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  • 2017 Prohibited Substances Update

    Tubes of Perfect Prep Horse paste

    As the leading provider of show safe nutraceuticals, we want to continue to inform and educate our customers regarding current prohibited substance rules. Each year FEI, USEF and other governing bodies consider changes to their prohibited substances lists. Perfect Products regularly monitors these lists to provide absolute assurance to our clients that according to current […]

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  • Vets Recommend Tendon Repair Formula

    Tendon Repair Formula is vet recommended for horses recovering from tendon and ligament injuries, and for the prevention of injury recurrence. TRF is beneficial for horses in all stages of soft tissue injury and recovery. Why TRF Is Essential For Soft Tissue Management The long-held theory that soft tissue injuries in performance horses result from […]

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  • Introducing Perfect Prep EQ Gold Pellets

    Perfect Prep EQ Gold Pellets

    Managing your horse’s show stress is now easier than ever. The world’s most powerful, show safe equine calming formula is now available in a convenient pellet. If you like Perfect Prep EQ Gold paste, you will love the feed-through support of Perfect Prep EQ Gold pellets. Gold pellets create that “Golden Attitude” in as little […]

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