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  • GastroPrep EQ Paste Credited for Dressage Star’s “Incredible Change”

    Andreanna Patzwald rides dressage grand prix freestyle on Hudson 18

    “Because of your product GastroPrep EQ, I have been able to successfully compete at Grand Prix Dressage with Hudson 18. Hudson 18 is very protective of his stomach presumably from colic surgery when he was 10. About 6 months into our journey together, Hudson 18 stopped eating and became very dehydrated. He had to be […]

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  • Combating Equine Stress with GastroEase EQ Rescue

    Anxious Horse Calling in Stable

    Equine stress and anxiety is a frustrating issue for horsemen to address. While there are many contributing factors, as discussed in our previous blog post, the gastrointestinal system is directly related to your horse’s anxiety levels. As the makers of Perfect Prep, we are often asked how to calm the overreactive, anxious horse during travel […]

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