Tendon Repair

  • VIDEO: Alex Emerson, DVM Discusses TRF Tendon Repair Formula for Equine Soft Tissue Recovery

    Horse Tendon Repair Formula

    The Problem: Your Horse Has Suffered a Soft Tissue Injury For competitive horses, soft tissue injuries can derail plans for a long and successful show career. Tendon and ligament injuries are notoriously difficult to treat, often requiring multiple therapies over many months before gradually reintroducing the horse back into work. Recurrence of soft tissue damage […]

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  • Vets Recommend Tendon Repair Formula

    Tendon Repair Formula is vet recommended for horses recovering from tendon and ligament injuries, and for the prevention of injury recurrence. TRF is beneficial for horses in all stages of soft tissue injury and recovery. Why TRF Is Essential For Soft Tissue Management The long-held theory that soft tissue injuries in performance horses result from […]

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