Follow These 3 Steps to Optimize Equine Digestion and Absorption

The equine digestive system is a delicate set of processes that greatly impact the condition and attitude of your horse. When the equine gastric system is functioning properly, your horse will exhibit his optimum healthy weight, coat condition and attitude. Any disruption in the digestive processes can create health and performance issues. You may observe weight loss, dull coat, transient diarrhea, a negative reaction to girthing up and training activities, and even colic and laminitic episodes.Gastric disorders in horses

Functions of the Foregut and Hindgut

The Equine Gastric System can be broken down into two main functions – digestion and absorption. The Foregut, comprised of the esophagus, stomach and small intestine, functions to digest and break down food, while the Hindgut, which includes the large colon, cecum and small colon, absorbs nutrients.
Equine Gastric System Foregut Hindgut
Both systems must work together properly to break down and absorb the high volume of food intake that your horse consumes daily.

3 Steps to Encourage a Healthy Digestive System

1. Keep a Proper Feeding Schedule.

Provide quality hay at regular intervals, along with plenty of fresh water. Allowing your horse to fast for more than 4 to 6 hours should be avoided, as the frequent production of saliva keeps the pH of the stomach in check. Take care to feed grain at intervals to avoid overloading the stomach with concentrated feed, which may not digest completely before passing to the Hindgut.

2. Manage Stress Levels.

Horses are highly susceptible to stress factors like training, shipping, changes in housing and certain medications. Stress can rapidly change the conditions of the gut, killing beneficial gut flora and compromising the mucosal lining. By managing stress you can help protect gut flora and avoid potential digestive disorders that may present when the gastric system is off balance.

3. Supplement for Total Digestive Health.

GastroEase Horse Digestive Supplement Product GroupWhile taking the above steps will help keep your horse’s digestive process functioning properly, there is no substitute for a daily digestive support supplement. By supplementing your horse with Foregut and Hindgut support (including coating and healing agents for the mucosal lining, Hindgut support, probiotics and prebiotics), you can maximize the digestion and absorption of feed.

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GastroEase EQ Ingredients
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