Eventer Alyssa Phillips Praises Perfect Products for Improving Horses’ Condition and Performance

Alyssa Phillips is an U25 International Level Event Rider based on the East Coast under the watchful eye of 5* Eventer Jennie Brannigan.

Joint Impact

Combines joint support, tissue soothers and comfort enhancers for unparalleled results.

“I’ve been using Perfect Products for a little over 6 months and my horses have never felt better. My horses get the Joint Impact and GastroEase every day to keep them feeling their best. I have really noticed the positive effect of the Joint Impact on my mare Bliss III since her joints bother her the most. Since being on the Joint Impact, she has truly never felt better or more comfortable in her body.

GastroEase EQ

Supports the entire equine digestive system with a broad variety of proven ingredients.

My gelding Oskar has always struggled with ulcers, so the GastroEase helps minimize the acid levels in both his foregut and hindgut. Before GastroEase I could always tell when his ulcers were kind of bothering him, but since being on it he has had no issues.


Supports everyday muscle metabolism and recovery for hardworking equine athletes.

When I am at shows I like to give my horses the powder form of the Lactalex to make sure their muscles feel really good and loose. Since they perform at a high level, muscle soreness is common and Lactalex helps relieve any of their soreness. I can really feel the difference before my dressage tests. I’m not sure what I did without this product before, because now I can’t live without it!

After they have jumped around a big course at shows I like to give them Perfect Blok to help relieve any stiffness or soreness from standing in a stall overnight since they are used to being turned out 24/7. After Red Hills, this past weekend, both Bliss III and Oskar both felt great for their show jumping rounds the next day!

Perfect Blok

Addresses stiffness and soreness from everyday training and showing.

I want my horses to feel their best so they can perform their best, and they can thanks to Perfect Products!” 

Learn More About Alyssa’s Favorite Products Here:

Joint Impact: https://perfectproductseq.com/products/joint-impact/

GastroEase EQ: https://perfectproductseq.com/products/gastroease/

Lactalex: https://perfectproductseq.com/products/lactalex/

Perfect Blok: https://perfectproductseq.com/products/perfect-blok/

Perfect Products formulas do not contain any prohibited substances.