GastroPrep EQ Paste Credited for Dressage Star’s “Incredible Change”

Andreanna Patzwald rides dressage grand prix freestyle on Hudson 18
Andreanna Patzwald rides dressage grand prix freestyle on Hudson 18
Andreanna Patzwald and Hudson 18

“Because of your product GastroPrep EQ, I have been able to successfully compete at Grand Prix Dressage with Hudson 18.

Hudson 18 is very protective of his stomach presumably from colic surgery when he was 10. About 6 months into our journey together, Hudson 18 stopped eating and became very dehydrated. He had to be taken to the clinic for fluids. A gastroscopy study revealed stomach ulcers and he was treated with omeprazole for 30 days. Because he is a picky eater and will not eat if anything is suspicious or different, we could not give him a supplement in his feed. It was imperative to find a way to stop ulcers from returning, so I started researching different products and I found GastroPrep EQ, which given orally pre-exercise solved the food supplementation problem.

Tube of GastroPrep EQ paste for horses
GastroPrep EQ

Hudson 18 has been administered half a tube of GastroPrep EQ every day before riding for the past year and a half and he has been a completely different horse. It has been an incredible change, he doesn’t go off his feed, he hasn’t had any more bouts of colic, his stomach is so much happier, and since it is natural, we can administer it at shows! He is competing at the top level of Dressage and has scored up to a 76.9%. Hudson 18 and I are ranked in the top 15 nationally for the Grand Prix freestyle.

The owner and I feel the price point is offset by the potential days of lost work, veterinary care and medication costs for stomach issues without GastroPrep EQ.”

– Andreanna Patzwald, Dressage in Motion

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