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The Problem: Spookiness and Over-Reactivity

Is your horse’s spookiness and over-reactivity ruining your rides? Do you feel that your training progress has stalled, or that you’ve reached a plateau in your horse’s development?

Even the most talented horses struggle with lack of focus. Often times, when a horse is physically fit from proper training, his abundance of energy can become counter-productive to his mental focus.

Traditionally, riders and trainers have relied on lunging their horses to release this pent-up energy. But the more we learn about the strain this causes on horses’ tendons and ligaments, this solution has become more and more untenable. Lunging releases energy, but can drastically shorten the horse’s athletic career due to the microscopic damage it causes.

The Solution: Perfect Prep EQ Training Day

Perfect Prep EQ Training Day

Leading professionals have long understood that nutriceutical support can reduce their reliance on lunging for equine anxiety and over-reactivity. Their secret? Perfect Prep EQ Training Day.

Perfect Prep EQ Training Day has led the equine calming market since the formula’s introduction in 2007. Researched and developed by Perfect Products CEO Jeff Morgenstern, Training Day was created to address the lack of focus experienced during everyday training rides.

Magnesium is not a cure-all.

At the time of Training Day’s release, daily calming products used mainly Magnesium in an effort to calm nervous horses. While this approach worked for some, Magnesium supplementation has been shown to be effective only in horses that are deficient in that particular mineral.

Because of this, a large population of horses lacked a solution to their anxious behavior. In response, Perfect Prep EQ Training Day was developed to include a spectrum of proven ingredients to address the needs of all horses requiring increased focus.

How Perfect Prep EQ Training Day Works

Perfect Prep EQ Training Day provides Magnesium, Taurine, Inositol, Thiamine, Vitamin BeHave (a proprietary blend of B Vitamins) and Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin in just the right proportions to elicit a sense of calm and wellbeing in all horses.

Perfect Prep Training Day Label

Prior to its release, Training Day was tested and reviewed by leading riders and trainers throughout the country. The feedback was universal: Training Day helped horses at all levels and in all stages of their training make more progress, with less setbacks due to spookiness and lack of focus, and with less need for lunging.

The reviews speak for themselves.

Perfect Prep Training Day 5 Star Review

Jennifer Mortensen, an Event rider, recently wrote that Training Day is “perfect for horses that need day-to-day calming supplements or those that become eager before a jump school or show. I have had success with a wide variety of horses. Takes the edge off, horses are not drugged, and absolutely still responsive. I have used it daily and just the night before something important, just as effective. Great product and it smells fantastic.”

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Today, Perfect Prep EQ Training Day continues to be the #1 requested horse calming supplement for everyday training and showing. Retailers across the nation carry Training Day and regularly report that the formula is their best seller, with consistent reorders from clients that have introduced the formula to their horse’s management plan.

With the help of Perfect Prep EQ Training Day, you and your horse can enjoy less lunging and better rides.

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