Overcoming Muscle Soreness and Expediting Recovery with Lactalex

Tube and Packet of Lactalex for Horses

Top performance horses are athletes that require careful management to keep them performing at a high level.  Because muscle condition and quick recovery from exercise are paramount to the horse’s athletic performance, top competitors supplement their horses with pre-performance muscle recovery formulas such as Lactalex

In collaboration with an equine veterinarian and biochemist, Perfect Products developed Lactalex. Lactalex improves upon Lactanase and Recovery by combining all the components required for muscle function, recovery and supple performance. 

1. Lactalex: More is More

Lactalex supports the process of repair, works to increase stamina, replaces vital components burned during exercise and provides needed comfort for sore muscles.

How it works: 

-Lactic acid levels: Like Lactanase, Lactalex provides riboflavin, pantothenic acid, thiamine, niacin, and lipoic acid to aid in the quick removal of lactic acid from muscle fibers

-BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids): Lactalex provides vital branch chain amino acids that may significantly reduce the time it takes muscles to return to peak performance condition.

-Vitamin E plus Selenium: Lactalex provides needed vitamin E to remove the waste products (free radicals) from intense exercise and prevents muscle damage at the cellular level.

-PP1: Lactalex contains our proprietary all-natural PP1 formula to provide ethical comfort for sore muscles and to improve suppleness, while remaining show-safe and avoiding prohibited substances.

Lactalex may prevent lactic acid build-up, manage soreness, and provides ingredients that work at the cellular level to accelerate recovery of fatigued muscle tissue resulting from high-level training and showing.

2. Lactalex Gives You the Choice: Paste or Powder

Lactalex is available in both powder or oral paste for targeted administration. Daily powder administration is appropriate for long term support. Latctalex oral paste reduces uptake time and increases effectiveness for pre-event support and post-event recovery.

3. Lactalex Costs Less Per Dose

With an MSRP of $8.50 per 25g powder packet, Lactalex costs up to $3.00 less than both Lactanase and Recovery powder per dose.


Rather than buying two different products to support your horses before and after your show, Lactalex is offered in tube or powder form for both occasions. Perfect Products formulas do not contain any prohibited substances. 

Recovery starts when exercise begins thanks to Lactalex from Perfect Products. 

Shop Lactalex now: https://perfectproductseq.com/products/lactalex/