Overwhelmingly Positive Sane & Sound Reviews | New Pelleted Calming Formula Launches

Horse Calming Supplement Sane and Sound by Perfect Prep

Perfect Prep Sane and Sound 2 lb and 5 lb ContainersPerfect Prep EQ Sane & Sound, the latest addition to the Perfect Prep Calming System, has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from many of the nation’s leading riders and trainers. Designed as a three-tiered approach to equine calming, Perfect Prep EQ Sane & Sound fits neatly into our calming system as a pelleted stabilizer containing soundness and gastric support for a calm and comfortable performance horse. After visiting several of our Featured and Elite Riders at the Kentucky Horse Park over the weekend, Perfect Products CEO Jeff Morgenstern is glad to report their unanimous satisfaction with the product.

It is recommended that Perfect Prep EQ Sane & Sound pellets be administered with morning and evening feed twice daily, beginning at least 72 hours prior to the performance day. The effects are cumulative with daily use, so the more consecutive days it is administered the stronger the calming support will be. Our Featured and Elite Riders have told us that administering according to these guidelines creates a significantly more comfortable, calm and manageable show horse.

We’re excited to share the preliminary success of this new calming formula as we believe Perfect Prep EQ Sane & Sound will become a valuable addition to the Perfect Prep calming line.