Perfect Products Response to USEF Letter

In response to the Letter from US Equestrian President Murray Kessler, Perfect Products wishes to clarify that our formulas do not contain the ingredient Magnesium Sulfate.

When administered as an injectable, Magnesium Sulfate has the potential for serious side effects because of its profound effect on equine heart function. While the correct dose may create a sedative effect by slowing down the heart rate of the horse, too much can cause lethality by shutting down cardiac function completely.

When administered orally, Magnesium is a mineral essential for the equine body’s neuromuscular function. It acts to stabilize the fright-flight reflex, and works on the cellular level in helping to allow insulin to store glucose and minimize the rapid changes in blood sugar that cause excitability.

Perfect Prep formulas contain several different types of Magnesium, but no formulations contain Magnesium Sulfate.

Perfect Products will continue to provide products that are effective yet assured to be within prescribed association guidelines. We always recommend discussing your supplement program with your veterinarian and show organization prior to showing. Please find links to governing body rules and regulations below.

USEF Rulebook | FEI Clean Sport | AQHA Guidelines

If you have any questions regarding prohibited substances and Perfect Products formulas, please call our office at 877-324-8002.