Perfect Products Sponsors Dressage Symposium Featuring Debbie McDonald

Debbie McDonald Dressage Symposium


Debbie McDonald and Brentina Chestnut Dressage Mare HorseGastonia, NC – April 7, 2015 – In an effort to support the dressage industry and own Featured Riders, Perfect Products has announced their sponsorship of “Dressage Through the Levels.” The 2-day symposium, led by speakers Debbie McDonald and Janet Foy, will take place May 2-3 at Stonebrook Equestrian Center.

This symposium will provide an experience truly focused towards the auditor. Riders, owners, coaches, judges, and trainers alike will find valuable information along with expert insight on the new 2015 Dressage tests.

Throughout the symposium, Debbie will be offering training exercises to help address issues Janet sees in each horse/rider pair. Debbie and Janet have a true rapport together and their “off-the-cuff” banter is sure to be both insightful and hilarious. Janet and Debbie will encourage the audience to let go of the nitty-gritty, excruciating details so many of us get caught up in, and focus more on having our horses go freely forward. If you don’t have free and forward, it doesn’t matter how good he is at the “tricks.”

Advance tickets are available on Eventbrite until April 15, 2015 (link). At the door tickets, if available, are first come first serve.