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  • Xtra Quarter Horses

    Anyone who knows reining horses knows Xtra Quarter Horses, a division of Silver Spurs Equine. The premier facility is home to some of the best breeding and training of reiners in the world.

    Head trainer, Thiago Boechet, hails from Brazil where he attended vet school and trained horses. In 2001, Boechet coached the Brazilian Reining Team at the CRIO in Regio Emilia, Italy and in 2002 he coached the Brazilian Reining Team at the World Equestrian Games in Spain.

    As Thiago’s career evolved, he was invited by Doug Milholland to come and work as an assistant trainer in Oklahoma, where he finally moved in 2004. Eventually the young trainer was ready to begin his own training business and went out on his own within two short years. Things fell into place when Lorenzo Vargas met Thiago and eventually established the Xtra facility and brand name. Thiago has been the head trainer since the facility’s inception.

    In April of 2017, Xtra Quarter Horses was purchased by Silver Spurs Equine. This acquisition has further established the breeding power of the best horses in the industry. Silver Spurs already owned great stallions and broodmares; by combining their existing work with all that Xtra had to offer, there was a new opportunity for clients to enjoy the benefits of great training and offspring.