Regen-x EQ Hoof Cream
We've all had that horse in the barn at one time or another - perfect in every way, but just couldn't keep his shoes on.
At last, the myths, traditions and old wives tales surrounding the best way to repair dry, brittle, consistently cracking hooves are banished by real science and proven results of Regen-x EQ. Return hooves to total health in just one to two shoeing cycles!
End the Cycle of Destruction

Regen-x EQTM ends the “Cycle of Destruction” that hooves experience daily - the constant wetting and drying of the hoof.

Add Strength and Hydration

Regen-x EQTM contains an orthophosphate to increase strength and locks in moisture for lasting hydration.

Return Hooves to Health
Regen-x EQ
Regen-x EQ is a scientifically formulated, skin safe, equine hoof dressing that quickly absorbs through the hoof wall to accelerate the regeneration of cracking, brittle, weak, poor quality hooves.
End the Cycle of Destruction
Your horse’s hooves are subjected to a vicious cycle of environmental damage on a daily basis. Repeated wetting, the subsequent evaporation and resulting dehydration and demineralization create cracking and brittleness that oils and sealants cannot remedy.  

Regen-x is an emulsion created with a specific proportion of oil and water at specific temperature readily absorbs into the hoof to leave it appropriately hydrated. Once the hoof is fully hydrated, the moisture is locked in by the emulsion. The moisture does not readily evaporate, and the hoof cannot absorb any more water (you will observe that water beads off the hoof wall rather than absorbing after you begin using Regen-x EQ.) This effectively stops the “Cycle of Destruction”.

Add Strength and Hydration
Regen-x EQ contains an orthophosphate that actively re-mineralizes the hoof and cross links the keratin tubules to restore strength and resilience.  

Keratin, the second major protein of the hoof, is a strong specialized structural protein, and gives hooves their strength and support. The orthophosphate in Regen-x seals gaps in the helical structure of the keratin protein and acts like a cement to strengthen and cross link the keratin fibers. Denser keratin+ moisture penetration = a more dense hoof with greater quality.

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