ProtEQtor Testimonial Emphasizes Power of Allergy Support

While ProtEQtor has great immune boosting capabilities, we’ve also found that it has benefits when used on horses who have significant allergic reactions or conditions. We hear about great improvement in horses who have allergic hives, scratches, and chronic respiratory allergies. Below is one testimonial that illustrates a collateral benefit to ProtEQtor.

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“In July of 2018, at a show, my 18.2 hh Holsteiner, Royal Robin, was being fussy with his head… I didn’t think much of it. By September he was unsafe and uncontrollable: full-blown sudden onset head shaking, completely out of control, and he was hurting people unintentionally, especially with his size.

We tried everything possible. I was offered supplements from other companies which didn’t work, drugs weren’t working, and even nutritionists from reputable companies were trying to help me. I had no choice but to fully retire him at the age of 12. He was miserable- even in retirement I couldn’t make him happy or comfortable. We were to the point of putting him down or sending him to Canada to get out of the heat, as his condition was heat-activated.

Then [Perfect Products] came in and we talked about the product you had, ProtEQtor. Well, it not only worked, but stopped the head shaking dead! I waited to try it when the heat & humidity were the highest so it would be an HONEST effort. I’ve ridden about 12 rides, picking the hottest time of the day specifically to make sure it’s not a fluke.

Yes, he’s stiff- he’s been off since last August, but there’s ZERO head shaking!

I CANNOT thank you enough for offering [ProtEQtor] to me. This is my heart horse who always takes care of me. He’s always been there for me, and I’m so happy I can now help him!”

– Lisa Clements, South Carolina

Click here to learn more about ProtEQtor and its allergy & immune support capabilities.