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Hello Perfect Products,

I want to tell you about the great results I’ve had with your new Perfect Harmony EQ™ formula.

I manage a large hunter/jumper barn for a wonderful family, who along with show hunters, frequently enjoys fox hunting. Through the years our trainers and I have come to depend on many of your formulas to help our horses in the show environment. This winter I tried your new Perfect Harmony EQ™ on a rather excitable personal fox hunter I ride with great results. Through the months, I have suggested Perfect Harmony EQ™ to a number of my friends to replace medroxy-progesterone.

With that success in mind, I decided to try Perfect Harmony EQ™ on a particularly difficult mare who our owner fox hunts. She is a lovely horse, but is quite herd-bound and excitable when we have to separate her from her buddies. We have tried traditional hormone management on her with only minimal improvement. I took her off of it for 2 weeks, and then started her on Perfect Harmony EQ™. After a few feedings over 2 days her behavior really improved. She relaxed and was so much more manageable and rideable. She is getting daily Perfect Harmony EQ™, cycling normally, but her behavior is consistently great.

Perfect Harmony EQ™ is easy to feed and has no safety concerns for me or my staff. Daily feeding of Perfect Harmony EQ™ has our go-to behavior management of mares, and it works great on geldings as well. It’s a really good product.”

– Randi Goulding


“I want to tell you about Perfect Harmony EQ™. We have put three horses on it- two mares and one studly gelding. It’s so easy to handle. There’s no gloves, no mess, and it’s effective.

CC- 7 year old imported, sassy, sensitive, slightly opinionated mare. Never pins ears or sulks, just the above. I put her on Perfect Harmony EQ™- 1 oz twice daily. It got rid of the sass and most of the opinion, made her more tolerant with her sensitivity, and she didn’t take things quite so personally.

Dori- 10 year old imported mare, lots of baggage, ridden by a person that was too big for her and overridden. She was worried, anxious, overreactive and nervous. She gets 1 oz twice daily at shows. It absolutely softens her mind and slows her mind down so she can grasp the new information we have been giving her. It’s allowed the training to be more informative to her because of slowing her mind down. I think eventually when she trusts us more she won’t need it. I think this horse proves that these things (Perfect Harmony EQ™) can be used to help train horses with poor pasts to get over the initial humps.

Stanley- 8 year old Welsh Pony that’s never been off his original farm. He’s had little training. The training he’s had has not been very informative to him. He’s on his own agenda. VERY VERY ADD!!! His mind moves from one thing OUTSIDE of the ring to another. He will also fixate. So, clearly training is the biggest issue here. But, because he’s starting “life” so late, it makes training extra hard. He’s very abrupt in his movements. He also thinks he’s a little bit of a stallion. This pony lives on it. Like the above mare, Perfect Harmony EQ™ has just softened everything about him so that he can grasp the new information being given. It’s taken away a little of his studliness. He’s definitely less abrupt as well. I feel like the product slows his mind down to help him focus on me/his training more than everything else. He naturally wants to be quiet and do the right thing. He’s just done his own thing for 8 years which makes this late training difficult getting to his brain. Perfect Harmony EQ™ is helping break that age barrier to his mind.”

-Stefanie Collier
Bradley Wolkoff- Barn Manager


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