Our team of Featured Riders and Associated Horsemen are actively involved in the testing and review of each of our products so that only the absolute best formulas are brought to market. Perfect Products Featured Riders are a carefully selected group of highly regarded horsemen who are recognized leaders in their chosen sport.

Featured Riders consist of professionals who rely on Perfect Products formulas for the management of their top horses in their own barns. They are not paid by Perfect Products for the endorsement of our formulas, and are only asked to advocate the particular products that they use for the management of horses under their care.

One purpose of the Perfect Products Featured Riders team is to provide our company valuable feedback during the research and development phase of new formulas. As a company that formulates the most effective equine nutraceuticals, drawing on the expertise of the world’s top horsemen is not only helpful, but essential, to remain on the cutting edge of the industry.

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