The Top 3 Perfect Products for Arabians

Featured in the upcoming U.S. Nationals issue of Arabian Horse Times are the top 3 Perfect Products for Arabians.

Everything we love about Arabians demands their care be as special as they are. Perfect Products is dedicated to the comfort, wellbeing, and performance of your Arabian athletes, and we’ve highlighted our favorite picks that address important areas of concern specific to Arabians.

GastroEase Horse Digestive Supplement Product Group
1. Lactalex™ Paste
Because muscle condition and quick recovery from exercise are paramount to an Arabian’s athletic performance, top competitors supplement their horses with pre- and post-performance muscle support formulas such as Lactalex. Lactalex™ is ideal for use before performance for optimal muscle function and suppleness, and after performance to support muscle recovery. Not only does it contain ingredients that reduce lactic acid build-up, but Lactalex is highly effective because it contains BCAAs, Vitamin E with Selenium, and our proprietary all natural PP1 formula to provide needed relief of sore muscles and improve suppleness. Lactalex remains show safe while avoiding all prohibited substances, avoids ingredients that upset the GI tract, and is effective when used alone or safely stacked with veterinarian prescribed medications. Lactalex also gives you the choice of administration via powder or paste formulas.

GastroEase Horse Digestive Supplement Product Group2. Perfect Prep EQ™ Sane & Sound MAX Paste
Focus support? Soundness support? Gastric support? Check, check and check. Our popular Sane & Sound MAX paste offers a complete 3-in-1 solution for horses who may be prone to all three causes of equine anxiety: excitement, gastric upset, and soreness. Its ingredients offer significant focus support, gastro-friendly relaxing effects, and a “pathway to comfort.”
This long-lasting formula takes effect beginning 2-4 hours after administration and has the ability to be stacked with itself or other Perfect Prep EQ™ formulas for greater effect. Sane & Sound MAX offers unmatched support for Arabians who suffer from “stage fright” or become difficult in the show ring.
To learn how Sane & Sound MAX Paste fits into the Perfect Prep Calming System, click here.

GastroEase Horse Digestive Supplement Product Group3. GastroEase EQ™ Rescue Paste
Sensitive horses who are reactive to their environments- such as Arabians- tend to display negative gastric symptoms when dealing with shipping or show conditions. It is not uncommon for Arabians to stop eating when a change in their environment occurs or when their keen sensitivity induces stress-related gastric upset. Not only does GastroEase EQ™ address the effects of gastric stress, it also provides powerful probiotics, stabilizes acid levels and supports hindgut function, allowing horses to gain maximum benefit from their nutritional intake.
One 60 cc syringe of GastroEase EQ™ Rescue prior to hauling or riding can ward off at-risk gastrointestinal tissues and maintain gastric comfort to ensure the most willing partner.