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   At 8 am on a Monday morning, you might expect to find the CEO of a nationally renown equine supplement company taking calls, sitting behind a large desk in a decorated office. Instead, Jeff Morgenstern is out in the barn feeding his horses.


   A family of horse show exhibitors, the Morgenstern farm houses a diverse string of horses: Jeff’s large and fit Western Pleasure horses, wife Renee’s big bodied Hunter warmbloods and daughter Molly’s compact and agile Reiners. 


   With a full schedule of training and showing in their respective disciplines, Jeff Morgenstern never intended to launch a supplement company. What he wanted was to figure out a way to better manage the family’s show horses, both mentally and physically.


   “I had frequent discussions with other horsemen about a struggle we all shared - the need to bring a cooperative horse to the show ring. We were all seeking a way to ethically create a show ready horse, stay within all the association regulations, while cutting down on lunging and over-riding.”


   “I thought to myself, ‘I can solve this.’ So I began researching.”


   While equine studies were scant at the time, Morgenstern looked to human studies regarding nutritional supplementation for alleviating anxiety. Humans and horses are biologically similar in many ways, and as Morgenstern puts it, “humans are easier to study - they’re better reporters.”


   After identifying active ingredients that were scientifically indicated to prove beneficial, Morgenstern’s next challenge was to identify proper dosage. “It’s one thing to effectively supplement a person. It’s another to create an effect in a 1,200 lb animal.”


Jeff Morgenstern & Some Kinda Radical

Jeff Morgenstern & Some Kinda Radical

Jeff & Renee Morgenstern at the Winter Equestrian Festival

Jeff & Renee Morgenstern at the Winter Equestrian Festival

     He contacted a human supplement manufacturer to supply him with a test batch of pastes in individual syringes, comprised of vitamins and minerals. With 100 tubes in hand, Morgenstern delivered the syringes to his industry counterparts. “Try this and if you want more, give me a call.”


   He knew he was onto something when his phone started ringing.  


     Since the first test batch of Perfect Prep EQ Extreme in 2006, Perfect Products has grown to delivering tens of thousands of pastes, powders and pellets per month. The process of developing products remains the same - research, test and consult the industry for feedback.


     Perfect Products’ diverse network of Featured and Elite Riders serve as the assessment pool for new formulas, which now include solutions for gastric  upset, tendon and ligament repair, muscle soreness and other challenges faced by high-level performance horses. 


    “We identify the problem, we address the root cause of the problem nutritionally, and then we provide the nutraceutical solution to the highest tier professional horsemen for evaluation. When they call us wanting more, we know we’ve succeeded.” 


Perfect Products is a specialized and dynamic nutraceutical company dedicated to the comfort, well-being and performance of top equine athletes.


Founded in 2006 by the Morgenstern family, Perfect Products emerged in response to the growing need for natural nutraceutical solutions in the western and hunter jumper horse show industries. As a horseman himself, our founder Jeff Morgenstern began by developing the well-known calming formula line Perfect Prep EQ™, and has since expanded the company into the entity that it is today.


Our advisory board of professional horsemen, veterinarians, farriers and scientific researchers assist Perfect Products in researching, developing and testing our formulas. Each product we manufacture is safe, effective and contains no prohibited substances. Our formulas will not test as a foreign substance in laboratory tests run by any equestrian governing body.


Each Perfect Products formula is designed with a broad spectrum of targeted ingredients to address your horse’s well-being and produce visible, consistent results.


All Perfect Products formulas are proudly manufactured in the USA.




Recognized as the industry leader in show safe Calming Formulas for equine athletes, Perfect Products has applied the same expertise in developing GastroEase for total GI health, Perfequin for equine comfort, Lactalex for muscle function, ProtEQtor for immune and allergy support, as well as Joint, Electrolyte and Energy support formulas.

Perfect Products’ innovative line of equine nutraceutical products assists your horse’s own systems to support and enhance his athletic performance, while staying within competition requirements. Our formulas are effective while containing no prohibited substances on any published prohibited substances lists as of the date of manufacture. Confirm permissibility with your governing organization prior to use.



Perfect Products formulas are available online and at retailers nationwide. 


Perfect Products offers Free Ground Shipping on retail orders over $75 within the contiguous United States. In-stock orders received before 1:30pm EST ship same day. Orders placed after 1:30pm EST will ship the following day. Please note that we cannot ship to PO boxes. We do not ship on weekends and holidays. Click here to refer to our shipping map for approximate ship times. For international orders including Canadian orders please contact us at 877-324-8002 or e-mail us at To find the dealer closest to you please see our Find a Dealer page.

Returns for online orders: Unused, unopened items may be returned within 30 days of purchase for store credit less a 20% restocking fee. Customer pays return shipping. Please contact us at or call us at 877-324-8002 for questions regarding returns.


Perfect Products offers our formulas to brick-and-mortar tack stores, veterinarians and farriers at wholesale pricing. To apply for dealership, please call us at 877-324-8002 or e-mail your information to


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