Introducing Perfect Prep EQ Gold Pellets

Perfect Prep EQ Gold Pellets

Managing your horse’s show stress is now easier than ever. The world’s most powerful, show safe equine calming formula is now available in a convenient pellet.

Perfect Prep EQ Gold pellets

If you like Perfect Prep EQ Gold paste, you will love the feed-through support of Perfect Prep EQ Gold pellets. Gold pellets create that “Golden Attitude” in as little as 4 to 6 feedings.

Administration Instructions:
Feed 1-2 scoops morning and 1-2 scoops night with feed, beginning 2 to 3 days prior to your performance. Effects begin after the first feeding and peak after 4 to 6 feedings.
Perfect Prep Gold Paste and Pellets
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are Perfect Prep EQ Gold pellets safe to show on?
A: Perfect Prep EQ products are formulated using only amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are found naturally in every horse. There are no prohibited substances in Perfect Prep EQ Gold pellets, so they will not show positive for any prohibited substances on a drug test by any equestrian organization. Click here for a printable list of ingredients to confirm this with your show organization prior to showing.

Q: Is the dosage the same for horses and ponies?
A: Yes. The amount to administer does not vary by the weight of the horse or pony.

Q: Can I combine Perfect Prep EQ Gold pellets with other Perfect Prep formulas?
A: Perfect Prep EQ Gold pellets were designed to be “one step show prep.” The majority of horses will respond to this formula alone without the need for additional paste. However, for exceptionally difficult horses, it can be used safely in combination with any Perfect Prep EQ formula. It is best to combine with any of our Perfect Prep EQ pastes for increased effects.

Perfect Prep EQ Gold Testimonial
Perfect Prep EQ Gold TestimonialPerfect Prep EQ Gold Pellets Testimonial
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