Featured Riders

  • Brent Maxwell

    Brent Maxwell, an AQHA judge and professional trainer for over thirty years, knows what it takes to be successful in the show ring. During his career, he has produced multiple Congress and AQHA World Champions. In addition to these successes, he frequently hauls his customers for AQHA High Point and Honor Roll titles.

    But as we all know victory has its price. Long hours, substandard surfaces, and thousands of miles, prove to be the culprit of attitude changes and lameness issues in horses traveling to shows.
    Perfect Prep Sane & Sound is the “Perfect” product”, says Maxwell, “It allows us to cut back on strenuous prep time that could cause a horse to be irritable and can also aid in alleviating soreness”.

    Brent has a personal interest in Sane & Sound. For the past three years, his daughter Ellexxah and her mare Zips Bossy Chip, have hauled for the AQHA High Point Youth title. “Ellexxah’s mare has traveled thousands of miles in her career. This Perfect Prep product has been instrumental in keeping her “Sound & Sane” to ensure her success. She has been High Point and Reserve High Point twice, and is a multiple Congress champion. I’ve found that a number of Perfect Products formulas have benefitted my horses through the years, and I always recommend them to friends and clients.”