Featured Riders

  • Mavis Spencer

    Getting a solid start in California, Mavis Spencer spent her formative junior years training with Dick Carvin and Susie Schroer at Meadow Grove. Given the chance, she jumped at the chance to work with top show jumpers in order to expand her knowledge and involvement in the sport.

    Spending six years mostly on the ground, managing horses for names such as Kent Farrington, Darragh Kenny and Lorenzo de Luca, Spencer was given the opportunity to jump back into the saddle in the fall of 2014.

    Since returning to the show ring, her success has accumulated on several mounts at the FEI level, inluding the U25 and World Cup qualifying classes. Now the rider for Neil Jones Equestrian, Mavis runs the US Division of the NJE’s horse sales, competes a stroing of horses and trains clients through her own Gallop Apace, LLC. With bases in Wellington and Lexington, Spencer is on the road year-round.