Alex Emerson, DVM Discusses TRF Tendon Repair Formula for Equine Soft Tissue Recovery

Alex Emerson, DVM Discusses TRF Tendon Repair Formula for Equine Soft Tissue Recovery

May 4th 2020

The Problem: Your Horse Has Suffered a Soft Tissue Injury

For competitive horses, soft tissue injuries can derail plans for a long and successful show career. Tendon and ligament injuries are notoriously difficult to treat, often requiring multiple therapies over many months before gradually reintroducing the horse back into work.

Recurrence of soft tissue damage is common, and horsemen are often left wondering what more they can do to accelerate the healing process, and how to avoid related injuries in the future.

Tendon Injury: The One Bad Step Theory

The long-held theory that soft tissue injuries in performance horses result from “one bad step” has been proven to be a misconception. Every day, your equine athlete’s tendons and ligaments experience micro-damage at the cellular level, which can accumulate until they eventually result in full-blown injury.

According to Dr. Alex Emerson, there is more horsemen can do within a horse's maintenance plan to avoid these catastrophic injuries.

TRF Tendon Repair Formula: Repair, Maintain, Prevent.

TRF Tendon Repair Formula, researched and developed with veterinarians by the makers of Perfect Prep, is a unique nutraceutical formula for the rehabilitation, maintenance and prevention of soft tissue damage in performance horses. TRF is the first product to combat soft tissue micro-damage resulting from daily work, and may help repair damage both before an injury occurs and during injury recovery.

TRF For Repair

TRF Tendon Repair Formula mediates the horse’s natural repair process during rehabilitation. The active ingredient Tenomatrix, a proprietary blend of hemokinetic polysaccharide and bioactive flavinoid, supports hydration of soft tissue and may reduce the deleterious effect of inflammation, which may encourage the body’s natural healing process.

According to Dr. Emerson, horses administered TRF daily during the healing process of soft tissue injuries have been observed in his practice to heal more rapidly than anticipated at first diagnosis, with less residual damage than horses treated with traditional therapies alone.

TRF for Maintenance

Tenomatrix in TRF Tendon Repair Formula mimics an endogenous chemokine used throughout the body to maintain cellular health and modify inflammation. It also includes an organic molecule thought to increase cross linking of collagen, stabilizing the collagen matrix.

According to Dr. Emerson, this cross linking may make the tendon and ligament stronger, contributing to the improved quality of the tissue.

TRF for Prevention

TRF Tendon Repair Formula addresses the daily micro-damage that accumulates during strenuous activity. Fed daily, TRF can support the body’s natural response to the small regular increments of tendon damage, and may reduce the likelihood that they will accumulate to become a full blown injury.

Vets, Owners and Trainers Praise TRF's Effectiveness

TRF Tendon Repair Formula has supported thousands of performance horses in the repair, maintenance and prevention of soft tissue injuries. The following product reviews reflect customer observations after introducing TRF to their horses' soft tissue repair and maintenance plans.

"My young mare suffered injuries to both branches of her hind suspensories. Her back legs were chronically stocked up and she often travelled unlevel behind when they were sore. I have been using TRF on her for almost a year now and her hind legs are tight and no longer stock up. She is finally traveling evenly behind and getting stronger every day. I believe TRF gave her the support she needed to heal and build strength." - Ashley Parsons, Customer

"My top horse Kir Royal sustained a tendon injury while training in Florida. Upon recommendation I supported his recovery with Perfect Prep's TRF Tendon Repair Formula. Not only did he recover fully from his injury, but I feel that I was more confident bringing him back into work using this product. He has been perfectly sound and his tendon is never inflamed. I also like to use TRF for support during heavier training times. I would recommend this product to anyone treating a tendon injury or with a horse in serious training." - Bobbi Carlton, Customer

"When my upper level event horse sustained a tendon injury, I immediately started looking for something to help him heal. I was introduced to TRF through a friend and started my horse on it right away. TRF was an integral part of his rehabilitation, my vets were impressed with how his tendon looked on his first ultrasound post injury! I will continue using TRF for maintenance now that my horse is back in full work! Thanks for a great product!" - Jill Thomas, Customer

"It is my observation in my practice that horses returning from soft tissue injury show an increased rate of healing when administered TRF as part of their therapy. It appears to me that when combined with standard biologic therapy, TRF can add a valuable dimension to the soft tissue recovery process and maintenance of tendons and ligaments in sport horses. I recommend it to all my clients for recovery and continued maintenance of soft tissue." - Leah Patipa, DVM

"I used TRF after my horse was diagnosed with a SDFT lesion. I was recommended stall rest and the option of shockwave therapy by my vet, but a friend also recommended TRF. I started him on it that week. I expected the injury to take 6-8 months to heal, but he showed significant improvement at 3 months, and was cleared to return to work at 5 months. (I ended up not even doing the shockwave.) I've dealt with similar injuries with other horses in the past and I've never had one come back that quick. I'm always really worried about reinjury so I'm keeping him on this from now on." - Anonymous, Customer

How to Administer TRF

Apply directly to feed according to your horse's needs.

For Targeted Support: Feed according to weight, 1 pump per 250 lbs. (For a 1,000 lb horse, 1 feeding = 4 pumps.) Feed AM and PM or as directed by your veterinarian. Feed until horse returns to normal work. Reduce to maintenance level for continued support.

For Maintenance: Feed according to weight, 1 pump per 250 lbs. (For a 1,000 lb horse, 1 feeding = 4 pumps.) Feed 1 to 2 times per day depending upon level of work and condition. Feed AM or PM with morning and/or evening feed. Continue administration for maintenance.

Where To Purchase TRF

TRF Tendon Repair Formula is available online at, through Perfect Products' large network of retailer locations, or through your veterinarian.

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