Daily Calming Support

Some horses require support during their everyday routine to maximize their training results. We offer several formulations designed to create focus for extended periods of time, administered daily.


Tired of guessing "which horse" you'll have today? Perfect Prep EQ™ Training Day+ Pellets and Training Day Powder offer a consistent sense of calm every day, minimizing lunging time and mentally readying them for training. Both formulations help eliminate distractions so your horse can focus on you and make the most out of each ride.

TIP: Choose Perfect Prep EQ™ Training Day+ Pellets for picky eaters, or if you suspect gastric irritation may contribute to your horse's lack of focus. Training Day+ Pellets, in addition to focus support, delivers soothing DGL for gastric integrity.

"Before Perfect Prep EQ™ Training Day+ Calming Pellets, he would spook and then just keep getting more and more tense as the ride went on. With Training Day he may look at something, but immediately shakes it off and goes about his day. I finally have a rideable horse!" - Hillary


If you would describe your horse's behavior as hormonal, include Perfect Harmony EQ™ in your daily maintenance. Perfect Harmony EQ™ offers a daily, safe-to-handle solution that is effective on geldings, mares and stallions. Perfect for when progesterone compounds are prohibited or not desired, this daily liquid feed dressing helps quiet your horse in as little as 2 days.

TIP: Perfect Harmony EQ™ may be fed in combination with any Perfect Prep EQ™ formula, and pairs well with Perfect Prep EQ™ Training Day+ Pellets to encourage a cooperative attitude and reduce lunging time.

"I'm torn between calling Perfect Harmony EQ™ liquid gold or the miracle working. My skittish and highly dramatic mare is so much saner on this supplement. No more super skids away from scary objects, way less screaming when in heat, and so much better focus on me and other handlers. She's able to relax and therefore she is moving much better without tension. Love this stuff." - Kathryn