2017 Prohibited Substances Update

Tubes of Perfect Prep Horse paste

As the leading provider of show safe nutraceuticals, we want to continue to inform and educate our customers regarding current prohibited substance rules.

Each year FEI, USEF and other governing bodies consider changes to their prohibited substances lists. Perfect Products regularly monitors these lists to provide absolute assurance to our clients that according to current guidelines for these organizations, Perfect Products formulations, including Perfect Prep, contain no prohibited substances. Perfect Prep formulas are also Casein free. We will continue to provide products that are effective yet assured to be within prescribed association guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If a supplement is herbal and natural, does that mean it is show safe?

A: Not necessarily. Please be aware that herbal ingredients, while “natural,” may still be classified as prohibited. Plant-based substances, if banned, may be easily detected by an ELISA test. Some of these products are misrepresented as appropriate for use at approved horse shows.

Q: Several Perfect Prep pastes contain L-Tryptophan. Isn’t that a banned substance?

A: L-Tryptophan is not a prohibited substance banned by FEI, USEF or AQHA, yet this misconception continues to circulate. L-Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that horses must acquire through their natural diet, so even horses not administered any supplements will contain significant levels of L-Tryptophan in their systems.

Q: How can I find whether or not a certain product contains a banned substance?

A: As long as the product label contains a detailed list of ingredients, you can cross-check with your show organization prior to competing. Perfect Products formulas display all of the active and inactive ingredients on the product label, as well as online at www.PerfectProductsEQ.com.

We always recommend confirming with your show organization prior to showing:
USEF Rulebook | FEI Clean Sport | AQHA Guidelines | NRHA Handbook

Q: Can I feed too much Perfect Prep, to the point that it shows up on a drug test?

A: No. While we recommend closely following the dosage guidelines on the label, there is no threshold that will cause Perfect Prep or any Perfect Products formula to show positive on a drug test. Perfect Products formulas contains no controlled or banned substances.

We always recommend discussing your supplement program with your veterinarian and show organization prior to showing. Please find links to governing body rules and regulations below.

USEF Rulebook | FEI Clean Sport | AQHA Guidelines | NRHA Handbook

If you have any questions regarding prohibited substances and Perfect Products formulas, please call our office at 877-324-8002.