• VIDEO: Shane Sweetnam Talks CSI5* Preparation, Lactalex, FlexSyn

    Shane Sweetnam Video Clip

    Top international showjumping competitor and trainer Shane Sweetnam met with Perfect Products to discuss how he prepares for the highest level events, including the challenging CSI5* Grand Prix. Mentioned in this video: FlexSyn FlexSyn™ offers a unique delivery system to supply Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine HCl and Hyaluronic Acid, providing a potent supply of fast-acting equine joint support […]

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  • Perfect Products Announces New Perfect Prep EQ Training Day+ Pellets

    January 8, 2021 – COLUMBUS, OHIO – Perfect Products, the makers of Perfect Prep EQ show safe horse calming formulas, is pleased to announce the long awaited release of Perfect Prep EQ Training Day+ Pellets.  For years, thousands of riders and trainers have relied on the daily focus and stabilizing effects of Perfect Prep EQ […]

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  • Perfect Products Launches MetaLyte™ Electrolyte Complex With GastricProtec™ Technology

    MetaLyte Equine Electrolyte

    “Horsemen shouldn’t have to choose between providing their sensitive horses with the electrolyte support they need, and causing them potential mouth or gastric distress in the process.” – Jeff Morgenstern on the development of MetaLyte™ August 14, 2020—COLUMBUS, OHIO—Perfect Products, the industry leader in Performance Formulas for equine athletes, is pleased to announce the release […]

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  • Nick Haness Joins Perfect Products Featured Rider Team

    Nick Haness Jumping Horse

    June 26, 2020 – Perfect Products is pleased to welcome Hunterbrook Farms Owner and 2019 USEF Equestrian of the Year Nick Haness to the Perfect Products Featured Rider team. A household name among west coast hunter enthusiasts, Nick Haness’ many career accomplishments began as a junior rider, when he won the USEF Show Jumping Talent […]

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  • VIDEO: Alex Emerson, DVM Discusses TRF Tendon Repair Formula for Equine Soft Tissue Recovery

    Horse Tendon Repair Formula

    The Problem: Your Horse Has Suffered a Soft Tissue Injury For competitive horses, soft tissue injuries can derail plans for a long and successful show career. Tendon and ligament injuries are notoriously difficult to treat, often requiring multiple therapies over many months before gradually reintroducing the horse back into work. Recurrence of soft tissue damage […]

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  • Three Keys to Equine Joint Health and The Triple-Action Approach of Joint Impact

    Dressage horse legs trotting

    When it comes to your horse’s joint function, there are three components that must be addressed for optimum mobility. Those components are internal joint condition, joint capsule inflammation and the surrounding joint ligament condition.  Your joint maintenance plan, including supplemental support and veterinarian administered joint injections, must address all three to allow your horse to […]

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  • VIDEO: This New Equine Behavior Supplement is Changing Horse Management

    Bottle of Perfect Harmony EQ

    What is Perfect Harmony EQ™? Designed to naturally mimic the relaxing effect of Progesterone therapy on behavior, Perfect Harmony EQ™ is a liquid that provides a spectrum of nutraceutical ingredients that support healthy hormone balance and moderate a horse’s response to its environment. Patents pending.  What Makes Perfect Harmony EQ™ “Perfect”? Appropriate for mares, stallions and geldings where […]

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  • Encouraging a Positive Experience Every Ride with Perfect Prep

    Chestnut Horse Lunging

    The Problem: Reduced Riding Time Due to COVID-19 A well-planned riding and training routine is crucial to your horse’s development and mental wellbeing. With social distancing measures currently in place, many horses are experiencing disrupted turnout and riding schedules. This presents a significant obstacle for horses who become stressed or anxious with lack of exercise. The […]

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  • Improve Your Daily Training with Perfect Prep EQ Training Day

    Container of Perfect Prep Training Day

    The Problem: Spookiness and Over-Reactivity Is your horse’s spookiness and over-reactivity ruining your rides? Do you feel that your training progress has stalled, or that you’ve reached a plateau in your horse’s development? Even the most talented horses struggle with lack of focus. Often times, when a horse is physically fit from proper training, his […]

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  • Making the Most of Your 30-Day Training Break

    Make the Most of your Horse Show Training Break

    The 30-day suspension of horse shows by USEF and FEI due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) came as a surprise to many in the equine industry. Faced with this new reality, professional riders and trainers are taking advantage of the horse show furlough to fine-tune their horse management program and reinforce the basics with low […]

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